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In this section I will be posting my original works of poetry and writtings.

These works are copy written by me and if I find you try and steal my work action will be taken.

So please be kind and don't plagiarize.:wink:

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Art for Sale

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I opened an art store, where I'm selling my original pieces of art for clothes, wall decor or bedding. I hope you enjoy what you see there. ;

Published Work

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I have two books that have been published and are up for sale on

The first one is Amon

The second one is called The Unlucky Star

I hope to publish more soon.

Map (a rory's cube inspired story)

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One morning Krysti’s mom suggested that she take her dog Patches for a walk in the woods behind their house. Krysti liked this idea and quickly got ready for her walk. Patches tail started to wag happily when he saw Krysti grab his leash. She smiled at him, “Well come on silly. It’s not going to attach itself to you.” Patches gave a happy bark and ran to her side. Once he was secure in his leash, Krysti called out to her mom that she was leaving. “Ok dear have a good time and stick to the path!”

Now Krysti knew the wooded path behind her house like the back of her hand. Today though she received a surprise, there was a new path connected to the one she always traveled. Patches sniffed the new path and began tugging on his leash to go down it. “What is it boy?” She asked. Patches looked at her and yipped as if to say “I found something.” Krysti looked down the new path; it was sunny and clear, unlike the path she normally would take. “Ok, let’s check it out.” She said after a moment and allowed Patches to lead her down the path. He started to tug hard on his leash as if he was in a hurry “What’s wrong Patches?” Krysti asked.

“The scent’s getting stronger. We’re getting close.” Replied Patches. Krysti dropped the leash and froze in shock. “You, you spoke.” She said, after she gained her senses. Patches stopped sniffing and turned around. He looked at her confused “I did?” he said. Patches blinked his eyes in amazement “YEAH I DID!!” he exclaimed. He then proceeded to dance around on his hind quarters singing out “I CAN TALK! I CAN TALK! WHO CAN TALK? THIS DOG RIGHT HERE. Ah OOOOOH!” Krysti laughed in amazement as she watched her dog dance around. “Ok. Ok!” giggled Krysti “I get it you can talk, but how?” Patches sat down and scratched behind his ear. “Don’t know. Maybe it’s this path we’re on. Oh hey! There’s that thing I smelled.” He did his imitation of a Pointer Dog and pointed at the object. Krysti looked in the direction he was pointing in and saw that it was an envelope poking out from under a rock. She walked over to it and picked it up.

“It looks like a letter, but it’s not addressed to anyone. So, I guess it’s ok if I opened it.” Inside was a folded up piece of paper. Patches circled her feet “What is it? Huh? What’s it say?” He asked. Krysti held it one way and then another. “It looks like some sort of treasure map.” She replied. “Ooh. Can we go find it?” he yipped. Krysti shrugged her shoulders, “I guess we could. Just to see if it is one.” She looked up from the map “Do you see a fish anywhere?” Patches looked around “No, but (sniff sniff) I smell a pond or lake nearby.” He replied. “This way, come on.” Patches took off, tripping Krysti with his leash. “Hang on. Wait for me!” she cried and took off after him.

They didn’t have far to run. Patches sat next to the pond waiting for Krysti to catch up. “Good boy Patches. You found the pond.” Gasped Krysti. “What’s those things in the pond? I’ve never seen them before.” Asked Patches. Krysti looked into the pond and could see gold and white fish swimming around. “Oh, their called Koi Fish. Their a type of Japanese version of Carp fish. So this would be called a Koi Pond.” Krysti pulled out the map from her pocket and looked it over. “Now we have to find a turtle.” She said. Patches tilted his head in confusion “Turtle? What’s that?” Krysti found a stick and drew a picture of it in the sand. “It kind of looks like that.” Patches walked around the drawing. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Krysti smiled “I’ll have to take you to the zoo sometime, or if we’re lucky you’ll see one today. Now if I’m looking at this map correctly. This dot on it is where we started, and now we’re here at the fish. So, that way has to be where we’ll find the turtle. They walked off in the direction she pointed in search of the turtle.

Once they reached the far side of the pond, they began to look for a turtle. Krysti looked on trees for carvings or pictures, while Patches looked under bushes and behind rocks for some sort of sign of the turtle. All they were able to find though were some dirt mounds by the pounds. “Maybe these piles of dirt are hiding turtles.” Suggested Patches. “I’ll dig in one to see.” So Patches started digging, after awhile he sat up and gave himself a good shake. “Nope, no turtle, but I did find some weird white balls though.” He said. Krysti looked at him confused. ‘Who would bury white balls?’ she wondered. After a closer look at the white balls Krysti let out a little giggle. “No their turtles all right, Their eggs right now, but when they hatch they’ll be baby turtles. Better cover them back up so they stay warm.”


Krysti looked back at the map. “So if these eggs are to be turtles, then our next spot is a ways off to our left.” She helped Patches recover the mounds and they headed off to the left. “What’s our next object to find?” asked Patches. “An arrow.” Replied Krysti. They walked for quite a distance when they came to a big 3 way split on the path. In the center was a guide post saying where the paths led. “Which path do we take?” Asked Patches. Krysti shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, the map doesn’t say. Just that we’re to look for an arrow.” Patches shook his head “But aren’t those arrows?” he asked, looking up at the post. Krysti stood in thought for a bit. “I guess you could say they are, for an arrow can be two different things. An arrow can be used to hunt with or to give directions with, like on a compass or road signs like this one.” Patches put his nose to the ground and began sniffing. “Hmm, nothing here. (sniff, sniff) Nope, oh wait. Hmmm. (sniff, sniff) Yes here.” He began to dig. “What is it?” asked Krysti. “The same smell as before, the same one on the note. It’s here.” Krysti knelt beside Patches and started to help him dig. It was long till they reached a small treasure chest. “AAOOOO!” We found it!!” Exclaimed Patches. “Yup, but there’s only one problem.” Said Krysti. “It’s locked.” Patches head hung low. “Oh, well” sighed Krysti. “Better put this back.” She put it back in the hole and began to rebury it. “Why you doing that?” asked Patches. “It’s not ours, and being that there’s a lock on it. Must mean that it’s either a special treasure or it’s a dangerous one and they don’t want anyone to find it.” Replied Krysti. “I didn’t even think of that.” Said Patches. Patches then helped Krysti to rebury the chest.

On their way back Patches walked a little slower than Krysti. “What’s wrong Patches?” Asked Krysti. “If we go back home, will I start to bark again?” He asked. Krysti hadn’t thought about that. She was really enjoying being able to talk to her dog. “I don’t know, but if you do, it doesn’t change anything. I’ll still love you no matter what. An you’ll always be my best friend.” Patches eyes lit up when he heard this. He ran to Krysti knocking her over and started to lick her face. Krysti closed her eyes and laughed. When she opened them she was back in her room lying in bed and the day was just beginning.


Eyes of Hope and Innocence

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Two little eyes,

Looking at the world with innocence.

Two little eyes,

Looking at the world with hope.

Innocence and hope, hope and innocence

Building blocks of the future.

Will we keep them?


Two lonely eyes,

Looking at the world with a new hope.

Two lonely eyes,

Looking at the world with a new innocence.

Hope and innocence, innocence and hope

Dreams that are taken away with age.


Two sad eyes,

Looking at the world with lost innocence.

Two sad eyes,

Looking at the world with lost hope.

Innocence and hope, hope and innocence

In the end we'll try again.

This poem was turned into a song by my friend Reggid

here is the link to his site.

The Crash

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Clanking glasses

Laughing voices

A revving engine

Squealing wheels

Screaming Voices

Crunching sounds

Eternal Silence

Was it worth it?

The Sailors Tale

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As I was looking out across the sea, I saw someone staring back at me. Her hair was that of a fireball, how tall she was I can't say at all. From the distance I could see, her eyes so blue staring back at me. Big old shells she wore for a shirt and a long silvery tale made due for a skirt.

She sang out across the waves,a deadly song,

so the old sailors say.

"Come to me oh loving one. To my world of undying love. Come with me to the bottom of the sea. An take in the beauty that you shall see."

Shall I go with her to the depths below?

My answer to this my friends is:


For I am not a love sick nave,

nor do I want a watery grave.


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