Lunacatz online multiple resume

Voice Acting Portfolio

Voice Range - Alto, elderly woman, adult woman, teen, child

Accents - American, British, Native American Sioux, French, German



The following are Online Flash Animated Shows that I have been in.

The names in parenthases are the characters I have performed as.

These were done in fun and pure entertainment.

Please check back often for updates.



Pick Up: Act 1 (Hickory)

Pick Up: Act 2 (Hickory)

Ragnarok Online D.P. Ep.1 (Hevens Angely & Shin Yukina)

Robotech: Sentinels Part II (Lisa Hayes)

Resident Evil S.A.R.S Part 1 (Jill)

Puppet's Night: Halloween (Arabella)

Not Now (Lisa Aloe) *this video is somewhat gory*

Shin Ark Angel (Rei Kusunagi)

M.A.D. part 1 (no part in this, but to understand the story line, I decided to add the link)

M.A.D. part 2 (Nurse) *This film is slightly graphic with blood.

Bad Atom (Swirley Top)

*Note* only certain episodes were done with my voice as Swirley Top.

The other Actress that was used was Katie Dehnart.

The following links are the episodes that used my voice.

TV Hostage (girl friend on phone) *be advised that there is swearing in this video*

Aliens vs Predator: Salvation as Machiko



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